Problems in education

Making INDIA 100% literate

We are determined to solve following problems in Indian education system 

  1. Student suicide.
  2. Discourages creativity.
  3. Lack of good internships.
  4. Increasing cost of education.
  5. Students drop after class 12th.
  6. Exclusion of sports in education.
  7. Less focus on practical education.
  8. Lack of skill development courses.
  9. Lack of opportunity to study in rural India.
  10. Lack of education resources for army wards.
  11. Lack of practicals, industry visits, and fieldwork.
  12. Lack of educational opportunity for differently abled.
  13. The absence of Personality development and communication courses.
  14. Lack of education opportunities for girls.

Cause-Effect and Solution by Kriger Campus

(Research on other problems is underway)

7. Students drop after class 12th.

Cause Effect Solution by Kriger Campus
Selection of the Wrong subject in class 10th Student doesn’t do well in 11th& 12th which reduces his chances of getting into a good college. As a result, the student has to take a year off to improve his/her marks. Suggest subjects in class 9th based on the past performance and aptitude of the student. Connect user with career experts and seniors to take a better-informed decision.
Lack of information about career choices. Student takes a year off to search for a good college or joins an inferior college. Connect user with a)  career experts b)    seniors c)     colleges to take a better-informed decision.
Financial constraints  Student takes a break from studies and does a job to support his family. Provide details and help students connect with a) Banks and NGOs for Scholar loans  b) Scholarship details
Lack of information about Education Loan Student has to wait for a year before money is arranged for admission in a good college. Provide details and help students connect with banks and NGOs for Scholar loans.
Low marks in class 12th Student takes a year off to reappear in the exam and improve marks.  CAN’T BE SOLVED
Obstinacy to join friends’ college    CAN’T BE SOLVED
Rigid obsession towards a particular college or course    CAN’T BE SOLVED