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The task for 11 July 2018 will be mailed

Focused Group Discussion with friends

  • Venue: Place of your choice
  • Date: 08 July 2018
  • Day: Sunday
  • Participants: You (Note taking) + 4 friends (Minimum
  • Minimum duration: 60 min
  • Medium: Offline/In person


To discuss problems in education (Local and general) and suggest ways in which KC as an education networking platform can help.




Proposed solution by Kriger Campus

Students drop after class 12th due to the selection of the Wrong subject in class 10th Student doesn’t do well in 11th& 12th which reduces his chances of getting into a good college. As a result, the student has to take a year off to improve his/her marks. Suggest subjects in class 8th and 9th based on the past performance and aptitude of the student. Connect user with career experts and seniors to take a better-informed decision.
Students drop after class 12th due to financial constraints Student takes a break from studies and does a job to support his family. Provide details and help students connect with a) Banks and NGOs for Scholar loans b) Scholarship details
Lack of books or notes among students. Students do not study the whole syllabus and pass by poor marks Create a group on KC to share notes (Pics, links, and PDFs)
Lack of info about exam dates beforehand Students miss the exam Check daily news update by Kriger campus Editors


Introduction (10 min)

  1. Introduction to kriger Campus’ vision and mission
  2. Introduction to the app

Discussion (50 min)

Part I (Problems) (25 min)

  1. Participants start with sharing their personal problems faced in daily life related to education.
  2. YOU make a note of problems.
  3. Notes can be softcopy (Mobile or laptop) or Hardcopy.
  4. When at least 4 problems are listed down YOU can move on to part II

Part II (Solutions) (25 min)

  1. Start with problem 01
  2. Discuss how can an education networking platform solve the problem (If not totally then partially)
  3. Write down the solution.

End (10 min) 

  1. Make a banner with following details
  • Kriger Campus 
  • Your location
  • Signature of attendees 

2. Take a group selfie with one person holding this banner

3. Make a video (Max 60 seconds) stating the most serious problem from the list asking KC to provide a solution.

4. Post the video and selfie on FB and LinkedIn with proper status.

5. Tag all the attendees, Kriger campus official account, and page. Details are given below


Attendees Company account

Company page

Facebook All attendees
LinkedIn All attendees Not available

6. Post on FB and LinkedIn by 09 July 2018 EOD

One Task for 10 July 2018

1.Submit your second updated status by 10 July 2018 EOD 

In case of any doubts ask me on WhatsApp do not SPAM.